Q & A

Who should read Soul in Love?

Ideally, I would like EVERYONE to read the novel. But I wrote Soul in Love with people who love the romance genre and a young adult audience in mind. Now, with that said, I consciously wrote the novel without undermining the intelligence of young adults. Nowadays, young adults know so much more than I ever did at their age. In addition, they are growing up much faster than say, a decade ago, so I wanted to address the knowledge of young adults with this idea in mind, which I hope lends a quality of maturity to my novel that will appeal to a much wider audience than just young adults.

What sets Soul in Love apart from other books?

Often times, when I read romance novels, the romance tends to happen between two people, or a person and an immortal, or two immortals (which are all great). But with my novel, I wanted to approach the romance from an angle that I haven’t commonly experienced or seen: a romance between a person and a spirit, and whether or not the idea of a connection with a spirit can fulfill a person’s emotional needs based on love and loss. I also wanted to explore the darker side of desperation and what we as human beings tend to hang onto when we lose someone; that sense of longing, of always wanting the person back, and the constant search to fill the hole in our heart that I think in the end, can never truly be filled in the same way again.

What was the inspiration for the Soul in Love cover?

The inspiration came from older, romance novels; novels that evoke that sweeping, lush, classic feel to them. Since Soul in Love falls under the genre of “paranormal romance,” I wanted the cover of the book to have that particular look but with a modern twist and younger twist.

Is there meaning behind the colors on the cover of the book?

Yes. I choose the particular colors for the cover of the book because one, it is derived from a particular scene in the book, and two, the colors help heighten the cover in the dramatic fashion I was hoping for.