After entering a mysterious tent at the annual Augury Carnival where the words: Come Inside and Discover Your Fortune are persuasively written, seventeen-year-old, Madeline Morgan and her best friend, Dara, come face to face with Madame Anca, an ominous fortune teller who portends the girls’ futures. For Dara, the experience is superficial. But for Madeline, things are different. Her fortune promises that she will soon find true love.

Spurred by Madame Anca’s enticing prediction and a coincidental attraction to an elusive new stranger, Madeline starts to believe that true love might actually exist. But love—like most things—isn’t always what it seems…and for Madeline, this discovery takes her on a dark and mystical journey that forces her to deal with the illusions of love and her own inner strength.

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Soul in Love